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Summa Health Medical Group offers physicians the opportunity to join an exceptional team of committed medical professionals who provide multi-specialty services in a variety of settings.

Whether you seek a high-volume, community-based practice or a practice with teaching opportunities in an academic environment, Summa Health Medical Group offers physicians the ability to achieve personal and professional goals.

View our physician testimonials to learn why Northeast Ohio’s premier physicians are members of Summa Health Medical Group

“Summa is truly devoted to helping me do what I love to do: care for my patients. I have worked at other health systems, and I can tell you, it wasn’t this way.”

  – Irene Chenowith, M.D.
Summa Health Medical Group – Internal Medicine



“I think SPI enables physicians to practice with a great deal of support, therefore allowing for enhancement in participation in related activities such as education and research. My practice has grown in a secure and stable environment.”

  – James Salem, M.D. 
Summa Health Medical Group - Endocrinology 


“I’m very excited to be back at Summa Health System - to expand and enhance women’s health services. Summa has grown exponentially in recent years and it is fulfilling to be a part of it and make a difference in the community.” 

– Vivian von Gruenigen, M.D. 
Summa Health Medical Group - Gynecology/Oncology 



“I make a conscious effort to actively listen to my patients because as much as they want answers, they want to be heard. We all deserve to be heard. SPI demonstrates my relevance in the organization by listening to me. I use my voice to do what’s right for patients as their advocate. It’s good to be a part of an organization that goes beyond the bottom line to deliver quality healthcare.”

  – Teresa Myers, M.D. 
Summa Health Medical Group - Family Medicine