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Infection Control Outcomes

outcome chart 1This is the overview describing the program associated with Infection Control Outcomes. We are working to enhance metrics that are already better that national averages. Summa Health System is dedicated to quality care.

What are we measuring?

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Why is it important?

Discharging patients at the appropriate time is important for many reasons: in order to prevent unnecessary re-admissions, we want to make sure patients are fully prepared for discharge and stable for transfer to either home or another facility.

How are we performing?

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How are we working to improve?

The system's hospitals have instituted a number of interventions to assure appropriate lengths of stay for our patients, including: development and use of standard evidence-based order sets to guide the delivery of services on a timely basis; the use of electronic record systems to minimize delays in the transfer of pertinent information between providers and improve coordination of care; the use of care management staff, who are focused on working with medical staff and patients.