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Summa Health Foundation

Since the founding of Akron City Hospital in 1892, the patients and families of Summa Health have benefited from the sustained generosity of our community. Summa Health Foundation is dedicated to extending this legacy of giving to advance compassionate, coordinated care at Summa Health. Every gift makes a difference in the lives of those we serve today and for generations to come.


Summa Health offering the worlds smallest pacemaker. Read more.

Gift from the Walter W. Born Foundation to help behavioral health patients. Read more.  

Summa Health benefactors try out the latest in robotic surgery. Read more.

Engaged Leaders Moving
Summa Health Forward

Summa Health Leadership Councils met recently for the inaugural Leadership Council Summit where members discussed the impact made by each council and learned about marketing strategies for the health system. Volunteers and donors continue to impact the care patients receive at Summa Health hospitals and facilities throughout the Akron area and we are grateful for their support. Following the meeting, nearly 150 members and guests attended a hands-on, interactive portion of the evening called “Meet the Docs”. Attendees were able to try their hand at surgery, speak one-on-one with doctors and experts, and learn about the cutting-edge advances underway in key clinical areas at Summa Health. Below is a video that was shown at the meeting and highlights the role leadership councils play for Summa Health patients. Visit the Summa Health Leadership Councils page to learn more about them and see photos from the event. 

Upcoming Events

  • Summa Sapphire Ball – October 29. Jay Leno headlines an elegant evening of dining and dancing at the 15th annual Summa Health Sapphire Ball. Read more.
  • Summa Health in Florida - February 15, 2017. Friends of Summa Health gather in Naples, Florida, to learn about new advances underway at the health system.