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Lung Cancer.
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The goal of the new CT lung cancer screening program is to detect lung cancer early, when it is easier to treat. A low-dose CT (LDCT) scan is one of the most effective ways to detect early-stage lung cancer - when there are no symptoms.

Before 2012, there were no approved lung cancer screening tests in the United States. People had to wait until they experienced symptoms, like a chronic cough, before they scheduled a lung test. By then, the cancer was typically more difficult to treat and cure. That’s one reason why lung cancer is currently the No. 1 cause of cancer deaths for both men and women*.

This changed in 2012 when the National Cancer Institute (NCI) endorsed low-dose CT scans to screen for lung cancer. NCI endorsed CT scans based on evidence which showed screening with low-dose CT lung scans can lower the risk of death from lung cancer by 20 percent in people who are at high risk.*

Now, through quick 3-D imaging with low-dose CT scans, individuals at risk for lung cancer can request early screening tests before symptoms. That’s important.

Summa Health | Lung Screening Center of Excellence by The Lung Cancer AllianceEarly screening saves lives. It could save yours.

Summa Health is recognized as a Lung Screening Center of Excellence by The Lung Cancer Alliance.

If you’re age 55 to 77 and currently smoke, or smoked in the last 15 years, and smoked a pack a day for 30 years or two packs a day for 15 years, request a low-dose CT lung screening. Talk to your doctor about risk factors which determine if you should be examined, especially if you don’t fit the criteria but feel you’re at risk.

Beginning in 2015, Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans, including SummaCare, cover the cost of a lung screening if you qualify. Find out if you qualify.

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Early screenings save lives. It absolutely matters.

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* Source: Statistics, National Cancer Institute