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The Value of Graduate Medical Education in Our Population Health Management Organization

Summa Health has committed itself to becoming a population health management organization, one that can effectively deliver the Triple Aim of better care for individual patients, better care for the populations we serve, and lower total cost of care; that is the direction we have committed to in order to thrive in this period of rapid change.  It is a tremendous change in direction, and an exciting change you will be part of if you choose to get your training at Summa Health.

This change requires a rapid restructuring of our entire organization to a value-based “Accountable Care” approach to the care of the communities and patients we serve.  This approach increases focus on the transition from high cost inpatient hospital-based care to coordinated ambulatory-based care involving chronic disease management, disease prevention and wellness, and increased access to care-management of chronically ill patients through patient care teams in a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model.

Fundamental to achieving success in this risk-based Accountable Care approach is the necessity to build an infrastructure that provides population management through an emphasis on primary care, behavioral health, geriatrics, women’s health, and care-management. That must all be coordinated with excellence in specialty care that will permit the vast majority of care to be provided within our healthcare system.

Continued investment in Graduate Medical Education in an Accountable Care system is, indeed, an investment in the future of that system.  Not only does it continue to attract the highest caliber of physicians to practice within the system, but it assures a steady supply of high quality providers well into the future.

This is exactly why Summa Health will continue its longstanding commitment to Graduate Medical Education.  As this is a time of volatility and change across the entire spectrum of healthcare, so it must be for GME.  However, the investment in a well-planned strategic rapid transformation of GME emphasizing the principles of population management and Accountable Care, will, indeed, enable GME to support, if not lead, the overall system’s transformation.

As a resident trained at Summa, you will learn to practice in an organization that is at the forefront of change in patient care and patient care systems. You will be exposed to our successful Accountable Care Organization, and learn how to improve efficiency in patient care while maintaining high quality and a patient-centered approach. You will learn how to function in a rapidly changing patient care environment, work with patient care teams, and how to practice in a way that emphasizes value in patient care, not volume of patient care. We welcome you to that journey with us at Summa Health.

Tom Malone, M.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Summa Health