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Family Medicine - Summa Health System - Barberton Campus


By the end of the rotation and to the satisfaction of the faculty, the student:

  • Recognizes patient education opportunities and responds appropriately.
  • Demonstrates appropriate interdisciplinary management plans.
  • Demonstrates health maintenance and disease prevention strategies.
  • Performs required technical and procedural skills.
  • Communicates clearly and respectfully in patient encounters.
  • Engages the patient and/or family in communication to facilitate collaborative patient care.
  • Communicates clearly, respectfully, and collaboratively with other health care providers and clinical teams.
  • Demonstrates logical organization of relevant data in oral presentations and legible written documentation.
  • Demonstrates sensitivity and responsiveness to diverse patient attributes.
  • Demonstrates respect and concern for the welfare of patients
  • Demonstrates appropriate behavior and conduct.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to ethical principles including those pertaining to provision or withholding of care, confidentiality of patient information and informed consent.
  • Behaves reliably and with accountability in performing duties.
  • Behaves honestly and with integrity with regard to duties.
  • Presents appropriate appearance and demeanor.
  • Displays insight and reflection in assessment of self including acknowledgement of strengths and recognition of limitations in knowledge and skills.
  • Incorporates constructive feedback to enhance performance.
  • Pursues self-directed learning.
  • Demonstrates knowledge  of content in order to generate a clinical problem list.
  • Recognizes complications an co-morbid conditions that compound identified clinical problems and include this information to synthesize relevant differential diagnoses.
  • Identifies and incorporates information obtained from reference literature to synthesize a relevant differential diagnosis.
  • Synthesizes data to formulate management plans reflecting an understanding of pathophysiology, pharmacology practices, and patient morbidity.
  • Demonstrates use of and interpretation of diagnostic procedures and laboratory data.
  • Demonstrates the concept of practice-based improvement.
  • Uses information technology to enhance self-education and patient care practices.
  • Advocates for quality patient care.
  • Participates in a multidisciplinary team approach to health care delivery.
  • Approaches patient management plans in a practical, efficient, and cost effective manner.

Call Requirements: Negotiable.    

Specialty:  Cardiology

Specialty: Emergency Medicine

Specialty: OB/GYN 

Coordinator: Greg Kovacevick, M.D.

Specialty: Family Medicine

Coordinator: Nancy Flickinger, M.D.

Specialty: Pathology & Laboratory

Coordinator: Mark Parker, M.D.

Specialty: Psychiatry 

Coordinator: Nukala Reddy, M.D.

Specialty: Gastroenterology

Coordinator: Ghulam Mir, M.D.

Note: We are a major affiliate with NEOMED, and their student requests for electives receive first priority.

Anyone interested in an elective at Summa Health System - Barberton Campus for one of the above specialties, please apply through VSAS. If you have any questions, please e-mail