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Stipends & Benefits

Salary 2014-2015

PGY I - $47,737
PGY II - $50,315
PGY III - $51,375
Chief Resident - Additional $1,200 (2 positions)
Recruiting Chief Resident - Additional $700 (1 position)

Paid Vacation

PGY I - 3 Weeks
PGY II - 3 Weeks
PGY III - 3 Weeks

Sick Leave

PGY I - 5 Days
PGY II - 5 Days
PGY III - 5 Days


Free. (When a resident is on call, his/her spouse and children eat dinner with him/her at no charge)

Call Responsibilities

Each resident should be prepared to work as a team and pull their fair share.  Typically, the expectations are as follows: First year: Average of 7-8 calls month, many of those being short call until 11 p.m
Second year: One month of night float and the remainder months will be an average of 4 weekend calls.
Third year: A month of night float and the remainder of calls will be home calls.


Free. Enclosed.


Each resident is provided with a beeper allowing for increased mobility and flexibility in job performance. Dictation equipment for patient encounters is available.


Health: hospitalization, dental, visual, hearing and prescription coverage, expanded mental health benefits, disability. The hospital pays approximately 75% of the premium; the resident pays the other 25%. American Academy of Family Physicians, Ohio Academy of Family Physicians, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine

Educational Allowance / CME Days For Conference Attendance

PGY I - $1,000.00 - Up to 3 days for CME Conference/Seminar Attendance
PGY II - $1,300.00 - Up to 4 days for CME Conference/Seminar Attendance
PGY III - $1,700.00 - Up to 5 days for CME Conference/Seminar Attendance


The residency program will reimburse moving expenses incurred by relocating to the Barberton area, up to $1,500.


A $5,000 signing bonus is paid to those residents who are selected in the NRMP. match.