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Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery

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Weekly Certification Dates Available at our FLS Regional Test Center

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Phone: (330) 375-3695

The Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapeutics at Summa Akron City Hospital is a midwest regional test center for the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) program education module that includes a hands-on skills training component and assessment tool designed to teach the physiology, fundamental knowledge, and technical skills required in basic laparoscopic surgery. The institute also offers additional Laparoscopic Surgery Training Courses.

Assessment Component

The Assessment Component is a two-part, proctored exam that covers cognitive knowledge and manual skills. The cognitive component is a timed, 75-question multiple-choice exam administered via computer. The manual skills component evaluates skills based on speed and accuracy of the surgeon’s maneuvers using the FLS Laparoscopic Trainer Box.

Exam Eligibility:

  1. Junior or Senior Residents and Fellows in an accredited program of surgery, gynecology, urology, surgical oncology or other program that teaches laparoscopic procedures.
  2. Board-eligible/certified practicing surgeons, gynecologists, urologists and other physicians who perform laparoscopic procedures.

Upon completion of the self-instructional web-based program, candidates will schedule their test date through the online FLS Test Scheduler. The Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapeutics, Summa Akron City Hospital's Regional Test Center, has test dates posted in the FLS Scheduler System on a weekly basis. To request a specific date/time, call our office at (330) 375-3695, or email us at