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Body Sculpting Center

Abdominoplasty, panniculectomy and belt lipectomy

The abdominal wall has many layers, all of which are affected by weight gainand loss. Panniculectomy addresses the skin. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)addresses the layers beneath the skin, giving the trunk of the body a more idealcontour and further enhancing the patients outcome. During an abdominoplasty,loose skin is removed and the muscles of the abdominal wall are tightened.During a belt lipectomy, excess skin is removed around the entire circumferenceof the body. In all procedures, the skin is brought down and secured withdissolvable stitches beneath the skin. Incisions are strategically placed so thatnearly all scars can be concealed by a bathing suit.

Brachioplasty (arm lift)

During brachioplasty, we remove the drooping skin from around the upper armand forearm, concealing the incision in both remote areas and hidden spaces.After the procedure, patients can even wear short sleeves.

Thighplasty (hip and thigh lift)

Because fat is typically stored in the hip and thigh, excess skin often remains inthese areas when that fat is lost. Contouring of these areas usually involves anincision within the crease of the inguinal area. Some body-contouring techniquesinvolve a small scar on the inner thigh, enabling a reduction in redundant skincircumferentially around the thigh. We also use liposuction to remove residualfatty tissue.

Neck lift (submentoplasty or myeloplasty)

After significant weight loss, skin can gather and hang from the front of the neck,causing jowls and a double chin. Neck lift surgery can effectively tightensagging skin, giving the neck a slimmer, more youthful contour. Incisions aregenerally placed inconspicuously behind the ears or under the chin. As the skinis removed, the remainder is lifted and secured. Occasionally, we are able to usea thread lift procedure to correct the excess skin around the neck and chin.

John Pedersen, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Director, Summa Body Sculpting Center
Board Certified in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery
95 Arch Street, Suite 240,
Akron, Ohio 44305
phone: (330) 375-6636
fax: (330) 375-6593

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