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Behavioral health services is a recognized center of excellence within the System, with an extensive complement of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for members of our community in need of quality and compassionate care.

Summa Barberton Hospital

We provide a comprehensive approach to caring for each patient, integrating psychiatric and medical care to manage the individual's mental illness successfully. Located on the hospital's fourth floor, Mental Health Services are provided to adults 18 years and older in a comfortable, home-like setting. Individuals who require intensive treatment for various psychiatric disorders which compromise their ability to function or place them or others at risk receive 24-hour care.

Patients are seen by their own psychiatrist and are assigned a primary nurse. Ultimately, care is delivered by a multidisciplinary team of medical and health professionals who individualize care to meet the needs of each patient. The core team is comprised of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, orderlies, social workers, occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants.

Summa St. Thomas Hospital

Helping those in need take the first step of their journey has a rich history within Summa Health System’s behavioral health services. In 1939, Sister M. Ignatia, C.S.A., of Summa St. Thomas Hospital, and Dr. Bob Smith, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, created the first hospital-based unit in the country dedicated to the treatment of alcoholism. That unit still exists today as Ignatia Hall at St. Thomas Hospital.

Since those early days, the Summa Center for Behavioral Health has evolved into a regional mental health leader, offering individualized and comprehensive psychiatric and therapeutic services for adults facing serious behavioral health and chemical dependency issues. Today, the broad spectrum of specialized services has expanded to meet the continuing needs in our community, leading to the creation of programs such as geriatric psychiatry, opiate treatment and traumatic stress research.

Taking that first step toward recovery may be difficult, but knowing that there are expert and caring professionals at the Summa Center for Behavioral Health ready to help may make it easier. We invite you to learn more about our services through this website and to determine how we may help you or a loved one take that first step toward healing.

St. Ignatia/Alcoholics Anonymous History

Sister Ignatia, hospital administrator of St. Thomas Hospital, and Dr. Bob Smith, a skilled surgeon and co-founding member of Alcoholics Anonymous, made history when they admitted the first alcoholic patient to St. Thomas Hospital in 1939.  It was then that they established a methodology of medical treatment that included the use of a 12-step recovery program and philosophy to treat mind, body and spirit. This methodology has since spread throughout hospitals globally, making Summa Health System a world leader in the treatment of alcoholism.