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Breastfeeding Support Group

Breastfeeding is the most natural way to nourish your baby and provides many benefits. Summa Health System’s free Breastfeeding Support Group is designed especially for you and your baby. Join Summa Health System’s childbirth educators and certified lactation consultants to discuss your questions and concerns about breastfeeding your baby. In addition, the support group gives you the opportunity to interact with other breastfeeding mothers to share your concerns, ideas and successes, as well as the opportunity to weigh your baby to further evaluate her/her progress.

The group meets monthly on the second and fourth Wednesday from 12:30 - 1:30 pm.

Summa Akron City Hospital Campus
Women’s Resource Center
95 Arch St. Suite 175, Akron

Call (330) 375-3173 or (800) 237-8662 for more information.

Postpartum Support Group

Is this support group right for me?

What does postpartum depression look or feel like? If you have recently experienced any of these symptoms, you may want to consider attending our support group for further evaluation of your situation.

  • “Blue” or “down” mood: having feelings of  tearfulness/hopelessness or  feeling empty inside
  • Anxiety or agitated feelings
  • Loss of pleasure in either all or most of your daily activities
  • Appetite and weight changes: usually a drop in appetite and weight, but sometimes the opposite
  • Sleeping problems: usually trouble with sleeping, even when your baby is sleeping
  • Noticeable change in how you walk and talk: can be restlessness or sluggishness
  • Extreme fatigue or loss of energy 
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • Difficulty concentrating and making decisions
  • Thoughts about death or suicide: possible fleeting, frightening, or fearful thoughts of harming yourself or your baby
  • Physical symptoms may include rapid heartbeat, dizziness/shakiness, chest pain, headaches, breathlessness, or numbness

About the Support Group

This free postpartum support group helps mothers find their way through their feelings, fears, and concerns in a group atmosphere. The sessions will be a mix of therapeutic interaction and education guided by a female therapist who specializes in issues regarding motherhood, relationships, and sexual health.

The group focuses on:

  • Assessing women’s current emotional health situations
  • Monitoring the progress or setbacks throughout the sessions
  • Self-evaluating historic and current risk factors
  • Education regarding the psychological and physical impact of postpartum depression on children and families
  • Connecting with other women who are experiencing similar feelings
  • Learning concrete tools to help minimize the potential negative impact of postpartum depression
  • Gaining insight and learning coping strategies from peers in a supportive environment

Attending the Support Group

This support group meets most Saturdays from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at Summa Health System’s Akron City Hospital campus.

Sessions are free and held in the classrooms at the Women’s Resource Center (library), 95 Arch Street, Suite 175, Akron.

Due to limited seating, interested participants must register in advance to the meeting date for each session.

To register, contact Summa Connections at (800) 237-8662. Women are asked to make arrangements for childcare at their homes prior to attending the sessions. Nursing infants only are welcome to the sessions.

Additional Information

If you have questions about this support group or need help finding other behavioral health services in your area, please feel free to contact us at (800) 237-8662.

For additional reading materials regarding women- and family-related issues, feel free to visit Summa’s free lending library in the Women’s Resource Center at 95 Arch Street,  Suite 175, Akron. National Postpartum Depression hotline, 24 hours a day/7 days a week: (800) PPD-MOMS ((800) 773-6667).