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Sleep and Nightmare Treatment Group

What is ERRT?

Exposure, Relaxation and Rescripting Treatment (ERRT) was developed for the treatment of nightmares and other sleep problems. ERRT is a 5-session group treatment. The purpose of the treatment is to improve sleep quality by teaching behaviors that promote good sleep and by reducing the frequency and intensity of recurring nightmares.

Group Format

The first part of the treatment group focuses on changing behaviors that contribute to sleep disturbances and learning relaxation skills.

The second part of the group involves working on the nightmares you are experiencing by writing them out, re-writing the distressing parts so that they are no longer distressing, and reading and visualizing these altered dreams.

This combination of relaxation techniques, modification of poor sleep habits and rehearsal of re-written nightmares has been shown to reduce the frequency and intensity of nightmares and improve overall sleep quality.

How can I participate in Sleep Group? 

The ERRT Sleep Group is open to patients who have problems falling and/or staying asleep, and who experience frequent nightmares that cause significant sleep-related problems.

To fully benefit from the treatment, it is necessary to attend all sessions and to complete weekly assignments. An initial assessment at the Center for the Treatment and Study of Traumatic Stress is required before admission to the Sleep Group. Additional questions can be answered during this session.

For further information, please call (330) 379-5094.