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Ignatia Hall Intensive Outpatient and Opiate Treatment Programs

The Ignatia Hall Intensive Outpatient Program is group therapy treatment for those with alcohol or chemical dependency diagnoses. Available days or evenings, the program runs four days a week, three hours a day, for an average stay of 12 to 16 sessions. One year of weekly aftercare is offered free of charge, with separate groups for men and women. Summa's program is abstinence-based, supporting the use of a 12-step recovery program for obtaining and maintaining a chemical-free lifestyle. AA/12-step program attendance, family involvement and random drug screenings are mandatory.

A specialized Opiate Treatment Program is available using Buprenorphine for patients meeting admission criteria and usually begins with an initial outpatient assessment, followed by a 23-hour in-hospital observation and medication induction at Summa St. Thomas Hospital. This is followed by ongoing medication management, an average of 15 intensive outpatient sessions for four weeks and a minimum of six to 12 weekly outpatient group therapy sessions at either St. Thomas or Ignatia Hall Canton. There are specific admission and continued stay requirements, including family involvement, 12-step program attendance, medication compliance and random drug screens. Referral to community physicians with licensure endorsement can be arranged following initial program completion.

For more information, call (330) 379-9841 in Akron or (330) 491-9215 in Canton.