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Research at Summa

Research is an integral component of its academic and clinical environment at the Summa Center for Behavioral Health Care.  Through projects like the Treatment of Traumatic Stress and we continue to set the highest standards for behavioral health treatment in our community and develop our reputation for excellent care.

We also do research on inpatient units with Palliative Care Medicine and Cardiology. Summa’s Psychiatry department has collaborative research projects with Akron Children’s Hospital, Kent State University and the University of Akron.

The Center for the Treatment and Study of Traumatic Stress is involved in research on the nature of traumatic stress and improving the treatment of people who are suffering following exposure to traumatic stress. This research involves the psychological, sociological and biological aspects of traumatic stress. Research is conducted by scientists and physicians and is integral to doctoral and post-doctoral training.

Current research involves:

  • The impact of traumatic stress on the immune system
  • Developing new treatments for women impacted by domestic violence
  • Prevention of violence in women's lives and its link to HIV prevention
  • Impact of terrorism on affected communities in the U.S., Israel and Spain
  • Developing new treatments for child abuse survivors who may develop somatic illness
  • Limiting the traumatic impact of surgery
  • Reducing the traumatic impact of cancer and heart disease