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Brandi Reece

Brandi Reece - Breast Cancer Survivor, Akron OH

The 5-year survival rate for cancer drops in advanced stages of the disease. Brandi Reece knows the importance of early detection. In 2008 she found a lump in her breast. With no family history of cancer and no apparent risk factors, Brandi thought it was just a cyst. But not wanting to take any chances, she scheduled a breast exam with her physician. Digital mammography and ultrasound at Summa Health System revealed that Brandi had Stage 2 breast cancer. Brandi underwent chemotherapy and surgery. Four years later, Brandi is cancer free. Brandi gives most of the credit to her breast specialist and oncology team at Summa for her recovery. But it was her quick action to get screened that really saved her life.

Early detection. It absolutely matters.

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