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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program (SANE)
The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program has been providing specialized healthcare for victims of acute sexual assaults since 1997. DOVE services are provided to sexual assault patients within 96 hours of an assault. Forensic services include a focused medical history, detailed assault history and a comprehensive physical assessment including photography and physical evidence collection. Prophylactic medications are available. DOVE clinicians work with patients to meet individualized health, safety and discharge needs. SANE services are available 24/7, at no cost to any patient.

Domestic Violence Nurse Examiner Program (DVNE)
The Domestic Violence Nurse Examiner (DVNE) unit began providing formalized healthcare services to victims of acute domestic violence in 2000. Domestic violence patients generally receive forensic services during business hours; however, an administrator is available around the clock to provide triage, emergency care and consultation for patients with more serious and complex needs. There is no cost to any patient for DVNE services.

Suspect Evidence Collection & Law Enforcement Services
The Suspect Evidence Collection & Law Enforcement Services Program is a stand alone, fees for service program, managed through the DOVE Program, which conducts voluntary and court ordered evidentiary examinations. Perpetrator sexually transmitted disease (STD) specimen collection is available. Services are arranged by appointment, 24/7.

Professional Education
Summa's DOVE Program is well known for innovative and unique professional education programs that enable clinicians to immediately put into daily practice concepts and skills that are crucial to meeting the needs of patients who have experienced violence. Already a regional training site for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners and Sexual Assault Response Teams, the DOVE Program has expanded their clinical offerings to help educate clinicians about domestic violence. Utilizing the Northeast Ohio Universities College of Medicine's Center for the Study of Clinical Performance, DOVE provides intensive two-day trainings for nurses and physicians interested in expanding their current forensic practice beyond sexual violence. This conference has been lauded nationally and subsequently adapted for practitioners in a variety of clinical settings across the country. DOVE also has one of the only forensic residency rotations in the nation. The program's clinicians work with Summa's Emergency Medicine residents during their second year. During the rotation, physicians learn the intricacies of working with victims of acute and chronic violence, hone specialty skills such as wound identification and physical evidence collection, and broaden their knowledge of specialty community resources for appropriate safety and discharge planning.