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Cardiovascular (Heart) Care

Summa Cardiovascular Institute (SCVI) is a nationally-recognized heart healthcare organization dedicated to providing compassionate, patient-centered heart care for a healthier community.

Established to unite all healthcare professionals engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease under a single entity, our team-based approach to cardiovascular care includes a behavioral health component specifically designed for heart patients.

Summa's skilled team of heart and vascular specialists and supporting healthcare professionals are trained to treat and promote heart health. With the largest multidisciplinary cardiovascular medicine team in the tri-county region—comprised of nearly 50 cardiologists, cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons—SCVI is focused on maintaining positive patient outcomes by effectively treating cardiovascular diseases and conditions by offering a comprehensive list of cardiovascular services, including:


Appointments are available at more than a dozen convenient office locations in Summit, Medina and Portage Counties. As a result, patients receive the right care at the right time -- no matter where they choose to receive care within the Summa Health System.

The best way to ensure a healthy heart is to know your numbers and what they mean. Download Summa’s “Interpret Your Numbers” guide to understand your own health heart measurements and how they compare with the recommended guidelines.