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Cardiovascular Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Cardiovascular Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Summa Cardiovascular InstituteThe cardiac rehabilitation team at Summa Health System consists of highly skilled healthcare professionals, including nurses, physicians, physical therapists, registered dietitians and exercise physiologists, all working together to help you return to a healthy, active lifestyle. Our program is designed to help patients who have been diagnosed with cardiac disease or who have had a cardiac event recover more quickly and return to productive lives.

How will this program help me?

This program helps patients recover more quickly from a cardiac event or surgery and get back to doing the activities they enjoy through a combination of patient education, exercise and careful monitoring during exercise sessions.

Rehabilitation builds endurance and strength in patients who are recovering from surgery or other event. Studies have shown patients who choose to participate in a cardiac rehabilitation program recover more quickly and have better outcomes.

What can I expect during visits?

Phase I Cardiac Rehabilitation - Inpatient
The Phase I Cardiac Rehabilitation program at Summa provides immediate assistance to the hospitalized heart patient who is recovering after a surgical or medical procedure. Many important activities are started by the Phase I staff to ensure a rapid recovery and return home. These activities include breathing exercises and progressive walking exercises, as well as learning about diet and medications. It is important for family members to take part in many of these initial Phase I Cardiac Rehabilitation activities to help ensure that the patient will continue these important activities after returning home.

Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation - Outpatient
The Phase II/Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation program begins with a physician’s referral into the program. After communicating with the cardiac rehabilitation staff, the patient’s doctor recommends a starting date for the patient to begin the Phase II program. This phase of cardiac rehabilitation is crucial because it helps the patient complete the process of recuperation that started at the hospital. Phase II also provides an opportunity to develop a personal heart disease prevention program with the help of the cardiac rehabilitation staff.

Phase III and IV Cardiac Rehabilitation - Exercise
Phase III and IV Cardiac Rehabilitation is a lifelong commitment to regular exercise. It is initiated after completion of a Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II program. It emphasizes exercise maintenance and continued cardiovascular fitness as well as the modification of risk factors for heart disease. All participants engage in a combination of cardiovascular and resistance training. Each participant’s exercise prescription is based on their individual diagnosis and current medical status. Being diagnosed with heart disease or having a cardiac event can be a concern not only to patients, but also to their families. We encourage family members to participate in the exercise sessions as well as free educational classes which promote cardiovascular health.

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