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ACE Unit and ACE Model of Care

Summa’s Acute Care for Elders Unit (ACE) is a nationally-recognized care model that helps patients maintain function, quality of life and independence during hospitalization. The ACE Unit delivers inpatient care using an interdisciplinary team that includes a:

  • Geriatrician
  • Geriatric-certified advanced practice nurse (APN)
  • Geriatric-certified pharmacist
  • Dietitian
  • Social worker
  • Therapist
  • Patient’s primary nurse

In addition, the following units also are based on the ACE model of care:

  • Heart Failure Unit – This team includes a: cardiologist, certified advance practice nurse with expertise in geriatrics and cardiology, physical therapist, pharmacist, dietitian, social worker and nursing staff trained specifically in the management of cardiac patients.
  • Pulmonary Unit – Provides care for a variety of acute pulmonary illnesses including pneumonia, asthma and chronic lung disease. The team includes a: pulmonologist, pulmonary nurse case manager, nurses, respiratory therapist, dietitian and social worker.
  • Stroke and Neuroscience Care Unit – Offers patients expert care from an interdisciplinary team that is trained to care for stroke patients, from diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation. The unit also provides specialized care for trauma and neurosurgery patients.