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Center for Senior Health

Summa Center for Senior Health

Summa’s Center for Senior Health specializes in coordinating every aspect of an older adult’s care in order to preserve independence for as long as possible.

Summa’s Center for Senior Health can help families or seniors who are:

  • New to elder care or uncomfortable with elder care decision-making
  • Faced with a sudden decision or major change, such as a health crisis or a change in living arrangements
  • Dealing with a complex situation such as cognitive, health, psychiatric or social issues with an older adult
  • Unsure of what elder care options and services/resources are available within their community

The Summa Difference: Collaborative Care

Summa’s team-based approach to caring for older adults is what makes the Center for Senior Health different. During the patient’s first visit, a board-certified geriatrician and social worker meet with her/him and family, friends or caregivers. This team approach is called collaborative care.

The collaborative care team works directly with each patient and his or her family member(s), primary care physician and/or caregiver(s) to develop a customized plan.

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