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Memory Services

While memory loss is common in older adults, it should not be considered “normal.” If you notice a problem in your loved one, it is important to have this evaluated.

At the Center for Senior Health, we are able to perform this evaluation.  To assess memory loss, it is important to do the following:

  • Take a complete history including onset and progression of the memory problem
  • Review the effect the memory loss is having on function (such as driving, personal care, etc.)
  • Closely examine all medications that are being taken
  • Screen for medical causes of memory loss— generally obtaining blood work and a brain imaging study

After this evaluation, we will provide you with as specific of a diagnosis as possible and make treatment recommendations. It is important that patients with dementia (memory loss severe enough to affect function) get treated early for several reasons:

  • Many medications work best when started in the early stage
  • Families can learn how best to support a patient struggling with the ramifications of a dementia diagnosis and can learn where to go for help
  • Patients can more fully participate in decision making

To learn more about memory loss or to make an appointment, please call (330) 375-4100.