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Occupational Therapy

Summa Center for Sports Health works closely with multiple disciplines, including occupational therapy, to ensure the delivery of comprehensive care.

Athletes who have sustained an injury or had surgery of the upper body can see significant benefits from undergoing occupational therapy, including regained strength and flexibility, pain relief and psychological evaluation from the use of exercise, splints/bracing/taping/manual therapy, machines and physical activities.

Athletes are encouraged to take control of their rehabilitation by emphasizing the importance of home exercise programs to facilitate a speedy return to play.

Occupational therapy services:

  • Individualized evaluation
  • Customized treatment program
  • Exercises, modalities, splinting or manual techniques to relearn movement, regain motion and improve strength/coordination
  • Home program training
  • Custom splints and assistive devices
  • Aquatic therapy

Summa sports occupational therapists have special training in the area of the hand and take annual courses to update their specialized skills.