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I’m a 53-year-old marathon runner and, during training for the Akron Marathon, felt my knee lock up and start swelling. I went to see Dr. Nilesh Shah and, following an MRI, learned I had a torn meniscus. With such an important race coming up, Dr. Shah helped me balance between training for the upcoming event and future running. We decided on a cortisone shot, which successfully reduced the swelling and pain. I finished my training and was able to complete the Akron Marathon. Dr. Shah and his staff were friendly, efficient and stayed in touch during my training and after the race. Thanks, Dr. Shah!

-Distance Runner, Tony Harbert
Every time we break a bone or have an injury, Dr. Shah always takes such good care of us. We love your staff - you are all so welcoming, patient and wonderful!
- Pamela, mother of Hailey Brown, Cheer, Track, and Softball
Dr. Shah was fabulous. He was very personable and his ‘bedside manner’ was an A+. He never made us feel like a ‘number’ to the point of remembering specific details about us personally. Highly recommended!
-Veronica Kennedy 
Dr. Shah never tried to rush him back to football too early. When Michael was released, he knew his ankle was better and ready to go.
-Kathleen Vignos 
Dr. Shah was very good to work with and understand. Billy feels very comfortable with him and knows he is in good hands.
-David Pierce
Between my brother's senior year in high school and freshman year in college, he pulled a quadriceps muscle. He was referred to Dr. Shah. Dr. Shah was very thorough and had him back on the field within weeks.When my knees hurt so bad I finally needed to see a doctor, my dad brought me to Dr. Shah. Dr. Shah saw me within a week, gave me a thorough exam, and began a course of therapy and had my knees taped by a therapist so that I could compete in a pitching showcase the next Saturday. After a week and a half of therapy, the pain was still there, and I went back to see Dr. Shah, who fitted me for braces. With any luck, I will begin this season without knee pain for the first time in years.
- Mitchell
I injured my Achilles and was told by the team doctors to resume activity as pain and swelling allowed. On the other hand, Dr. Shah gave me an outstanding explanation of what was going on and why to do the things he wanted me to do. I am now on my way back to full training. Dr. Shah is a good guy, but I hope the next time I see him is at a race!
- Chris 
Dr. Shah helped me recover from a hand and foot injury in high school. I now have the opportunity to play basketball in college at Slippery Rock University.
- Emilee
After spraining my ankle playing indoor volleyball, Dr. Shah and the staff at Streetsboro Rehab Clinic did everything they could to ensure I would be ready to play beach volleyball in May.
 - Danny
Dr. Shah is agreat teacher and provided easy to understand instruction.
- Matt
In the peak of my training for my first marathon, I developed hip pain that I had never before experienced. Dr. Shah quickly evaluated me and ruled out a stress fracture within one week. I normally would expect this diagnosis to take a week or two, but his staff worked with my busy schedule to quickly schedule the tests I needed. I was able to resume training the next week and ran my first marathon on 10/4/09, with a qualifying time, and no hip pain.
- Libbie 
I injured my knee (MMT - medical meniscus tear) near the end of the 2008 season. It remained swollen and painful, and I finally decided to see Dr. Shah at Summa. I already knew the excellent facilities, and Dr. Shah was highly recommended. Thanks to his diagnosis, treatment and therapy at Summa, I will be able to resume refereeing next spring without the need for surgery or injections, the doctor thinks.
- Hans 
Football was over, multiple hits on his shoulder plus a year ago’s shoulder injury. We wanted to get it checked out so we could do what was necessary to get ready for upcoming basketball season. Dr. Shah checked Bill out, x-rayed, and a plan of action was discussed. We are going forward with exercises to strengthen the shoulder. We will remeet with Dr. Shah in a couple of weeks for further evaluation and direction. Dr. Shah was very good to work with and understand. Billy feels very comfortable with him and knows he is in good hands.
- David, father of Billy, Football
We brought Michael to this office because I am a patient of Dr. Alexander. When I called to see if I could get Michael in to see a doctor in this group, because he had a swollen ankle, they gave me an appointment with Dr. Shah for the next day.When Michael saw Dr. Shah, he had an x-ray of his ankle, which showed nothing. They were able to get him an MRI for the next day. We found out that Michael had a stress fracture of his ankle.  Throughout Michael’s treatment, Dr. Shah explained everything to us. He was very friendly but always professional. He was never in a hurry to get to the next patient and made sure he answered all of our questions. Even though Michael was ready to get back to football, he followed the doctor’s orders. Dr. Shah never tried to rush him back to football to early. When Michael was released, he knew his ankle was better and ready to go.Since I have already been coming to this office and started bringing Michael, the staff has been great. They have always tried to help me work around my schedule when needing appointments or tests and never hesitate to answer any of my questions. Also, I do like your 'Walk-In Saturdays.' I brought my youngest son on a Saturday to see Dr. Shah for a slight foot injury. I would recommend this office to anyone. Thank you to Dr. Shah and his staff for such wonderful treatment!
- Kathleen, mother of Michael, Football
I was very pleased to have Dr. Shah for my physician and sports doctor. I was unable to walk when I saw him, and I was able to hobble out after he fitted me with a boot…Dr. Shah and the receptionist waited after hours for me to come in and evaluate it.
- Elinor
This has been a good running and biking season. I competed in 5K to ½ marathons. I also entered 4 duathlons. My best 5k this year was 20:26. My best ½ marathon was 1:34:23. I completed 40 races this year. I got a slow start this year since my injury in September 2004. Dr. Shah worked with me, including several injections. I’ve been pain free since my last visit.
- Pete 
Dr. Shah was cool. He knew right away what was wrong with my thumb and that I needed surgery. It went well. Our season was bad, but I lettered as a sophomore and still played a lot of defense with a cast, and was back as a wide receiver by our fourth game but doing ok now. Thanks, I hope I don’t have to see you soon.
- Kevin 
Eric was having a good start playing running back, wide receiver and line backer for the freshman team. Four games into the season, he severely sprained his ankle in gym one day. Dr. Shah was able to treat him the same day, fortunately. He prescribed rest, therapy and non-activity (to Eric’s dismay). Eric was able to return for the last 2 games of the season. We appreciate the care and conscientiousness with which Dr. Shah treats his patients.
- Mrs. Szymborski, mother of Eric, Football and Baseball Pinnacle 
From Dr. Shah to Julie & Teri in PT, you got me back on my feet (with no pain).
- John, NFL Football Official