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Patient Information

Bachelor's of Science in Athletic Training from Kent State University

I Have Been An Athletic Trainer since: 2010 

I Have Been With Summa Health System since: 2012

Other experiences in athletic training?
Graduate assistant athletic trainer for women’s softball – Wright State University 2010-2011
Assistant athletic trainer for United States Tennis Association Tournament – 2011
Assistant athletic trainer for OSHAA high school basketball tournament – 2011
Volunteer Athletic Trainer – Winter Special Olympics -2010

AT Committees/Organizations Involved In (Who, When, Etc.)? 
I am a member of NATA and OATA since 2008

Why did you choose this as your career path?
I was involved with competitive sports through junior high and high school. Through experiencing my own injuries and having many frequent visits with Dave Rauch, my high school athletic trainer he made me realize that with my love of sports, medicine, and helping others I should do what he does! He spoke highly of the KSU ATEP program, and the rest is history.

Your most memorable experience as an athletic trainer? 
From my undergraduate experiences before becoming an athletic trainer, to becoming certified, there have been so many memorable moments. The one that stands out in my mind was not during a game, practice, or any athletic event but instead during one of my work outs at a gym! I was running on the treadmill when I observed a young woman who appeared distressed begin to what looked like faint. I ran to her and found that she was having a seizure. She was thrashing about hitting her head into the ground, turning blue, and even bit through her tongue. I was able to put her into the recovery position and protect her head with a rolled up towel while I instructed the staff members on calling EMS. When she came to, she did not have a clue with what happened and they were already carting her off to the hospital. This just goes to show you, that you never know when you will be called upon to act and how vital it is to stay current with your skills.