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Patient Information

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training from The University of Akron 

I have been an Athletic Trainer since: July 2013

I have been with Summa Health System Since: July 2013

Other Experiences
Baseball, men’s and women’s track and field, football, and women’s soccer Division I teams at the University of Akron
St. Vincent St. Mary High School
Akron General Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy  
Provided medical coverage for the University of Akron men’s soccer and men’s basketball camps and the Shooting Stars Tournament

Awards and Recognition
Scholarship from The Raymond W. Acus III M.D. and Timothy J. Myer, M.D. Endowed Fund 

AT Committees/Organizations Involved:
Greater Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association
National Athletic Trainers’ Association
Ohio Athletic Trainers’ Association 

Why did you choose this as your career path:
I choose Athletic Training as my career path because I always loved playing sports in high school and knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. Athletic Training is a great mix of sports and being able to help athletes stay healthy.

Your most memorable experience as an Athletic Trainer:
My most memorable experience as an Athletic Trainer was when I was undergrad working with the University of Akron’s football team. I enjoyed the experience of preseason camp and getting to travel. I was able to gain such knowledge from the athletic trainers, graduate assistants, and team physicians.