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Patient Information

University of Louisville
Masters of Education, December 2000
Sports Administration

University of Cincinnati 
Bachelors of Science, June 1998 
Health Promotion with an emphasis in Athletic Training

I have been an Athletic Trainer since: 1998

I have been with Summa Health System Since: 2013

Other Experiences
Athletic Trainer, OhioHealth Outreach at Thomas Worthington High School, Worthington, OH 
Athletic Trainer, Atrium Medical Center Outreach in Mason High School, Mason, OH 
Athletic Trainer, Pinnacle Therapy Services Outreach at Oak Park High School, Kansas City, MO 
Assistant Athletic Trainer, University of Missouri 
Interim Director of Sports Medicine, University of North Carolina at Wilmington 
Assistant Athletic Trainer, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Intern Athletic Trainer, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer, University of Louisville 

Why did you choose this as your career path:
I played sports in high school and got injured and went to physical therapy.  I knew from that time that athletic training was for me.  I didn’t have the skills to play sports at the college level so athletic training was my way of being involved.  I love sports and I have a caring nature so athletic training was a perfect combination for me.

Your most memorable experience as an Athletic Trainer:
Being able to see an athlete get injured, be at the surgery, take them through their entire rehab and see them perform at their sport.  It is the complete cycle from beginning to end.  And to know that I had a part in that cycle is awesome.

Having an athlete tell you that you made a difference in their life whether it is on or off the field.

Also being able to go to the Softball College World Series with my team at Mizzou!