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Patient Information

University of Akron with an Athletic Training degree
Certification in Medical Selling

I Have Been An Athletic Trainer since: 2011

I Have Been With Summa Health System since: 2011

Other Experiences:
Division I sports teams and dance department at The University of Akron
Walsh Jesuit High School
PT Center
Medical coverage at the University of Akron Men’s soccer camps.

Athletic training awards/honors received?
National Athletic Trainers’ Scholarship

Other awards/honors? 
Oscher Foundation Scholarship for non-traditional students
Graduated summa cum laude

At committees/organizations involved in (who, when, etc.)? 
National Athletic Trainers’ Association 2008
Ohio Athletic Trainers’ Association 2008

Why did you choose this as your career path?
I was a professional ballet dancer with the Ohio Ballet, but unfortunately I experienced my fair share of injuries. During one of my many rehabs I began inquiring about a career as an athletic trainer. After doing some research I realized that athletic training seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I immediately applied for and was accepted in to the athletic training program at the University of Akron. I haven’t looked back since!

Your most memorable experience as an athletic trainer?
My most memorable moment occurred while I was still a student. I was the student athletic trainer for the 2009-2010 Men’s soccer team and was given the opportunity to travel with them to the college cup in Cary, North Carolina. Even though we did not win it was still an amazing experience.