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Bachelor of Science from the University of Akron

Master of Sports Science from United States Sports Academy

I have been an Athletic Trainer since: 1994

I have been with Summa Health System since: 2008

Other Experiences:
Head Athletic Trainer at Wooster Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center 1994-2003
Head Athletic Trainer at Hillsdale High School 1993-1998
Head Athletic Trainer at Smithville High School 1998-2003
PRN ATC for Wooster High School 1993-2003
Currently PRN ATC for Barberton Citizens Hospital and College of Wooster

NATA 1990-2003
OATA 1993-2003

Why did you choose this as your career path?
I learned to tape in High School and was the “athletic trainer” before we had a professional. I enjoyed helping my classmates and making a difference in their lives. I had a real interest in orthopaedics and sports and found the clinical aspect and athletics to be a nice combination.