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Dr. Goff Patient Testimonials

I suffered a tibial stress fracture in the summer of 2013 as a result of intense training for half marathons.  Dr. Goff understood my needs as a runner and formulated a plan to get safely back on my feet at quickly as possible.

- Jessica D., runner

My cross country season began to turn bad at the end of September when I developed shin splints.  After attempting to practice basketball for one day, then taking time off before starting winter conditioning for track, I was still in constant pain with diminishing performance.  I tried to work harder, but track season began horribly.  Then I had an appointment with Dr. Goff who review every aspect of my running problems, conducted a series of tests and was able to provide a true diagnosis (compartment syndrome).  After multiple well-meaning coaches and trainers, he was the first to really understand how I felt!  He immediately scheduled more tests, consulted with orthopaedic surgeons and coordinated my surgery and recovery plan.  He and his staff were always very friendly, helpful and efficient – frequently going out of their way to put my case first!

- Sarah W., Cross country/Track, Lousiville High School

My track season started in March but I was training since November. I ran the 4x200, 4x400, 300 hurdles and the open 400. I got hurt late in the season and immediately went to Dr. Goff after my school’s athletic trainer did all she could.  Dr. Goff was very nice and helpful.  He put me into physical therapy, and I was better within a few weeks!  It was an overall great experience, and I would definitely recommend the Summa Center for Sports Health.

- Samantha L., Track and Field, Green High School 

I’m a cross-country runner and, during this past season, I started battling a foot injury. It turned out to be an accessory navacular. On top of that, I had recurring shit splits, both of which made training pretty difficult. I went to see Dr. Goff and he recommended several therapy exercises to help with both my foot and shin splits. He also determined my problems were partially caused by my current pair of running shoes. He sent me to a store that specializes is shoe-fitting to avoid such problems in the future. Dr. Goff is great, especially when it comes to his level of detail and explanation!

-Hannah H., Running/Cross Country

My knee was hurting to the point that I couldn’t run. Dr. Goff assessed it and prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, gave me directions for icing and set up physical therapy. After only four weeks I was back running.

-Austin W., Manchester High School Track Athlete