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Taylor Chappe

Taylor ChappeManchester Student-athlete Experiences Long-term Concussion Effects

Taylor Chappe illustrates why caution is the operative word when it comes to head injuries.

In 2010, as a freshman at Manchester High School, Taylor was tripped during a soccer match, her head hitting the ground twice. 
“Nothing happened at that point,” she says. “I got back up and continued to play.” Later that night, Taylor started to suffer headaches, which continued for several days. A trip to an emergency department yielded no improvement.

Back at school her coach directed Taylor to see Brian Sifferlin, M.S., A.T., ATC, a Summa athletic trainer who takes care of Manchester athletes. Sifferlin immediately suspected a concussion and sent her to James Goff, D.O., a Summa sports medicine specialist. Dr. Goff confirmed the diagnosis.

For more than two years, Taylor has struggled to overcome the effects of the concussion. It has affected her physically, emotionally and academically. 
Her injury forced her to miss many days of school and the past two seasons of soccer.

Working with Dr. Goff and Sifferlin, Taylor is slowly going through the process that she hopes gets her back on the soccer field when the season begins in the fall. “It would be good to be back on the field,” she says. She is also on track to graduate with her class in 2014.

Taylor and her mother, Chris, praised the work of Dr. Goff. “He knew instantly what to do for Taylor,” Chris says. “He helped us explain everything to the school.

Dr. Goff says Taylor’s case shows why it’s important for athletes to be honest with their coaches. According to Dr. Goff, Taylor could have suffered a worsening brain injury if she would have played the next game and reinjured her head. 
Taylor agrees. “If you don’t feel right, don’t go back in and play,” she says. “It’s not worth sacrificing your future.”

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