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Visitation Hours

Visiting hours vary by hospital and location. Please check the visiting hours for the specific hospital (and respective unit) for details.

  • Children of patients must be supervised by an adult who is NOT a patient at all times.
  • Children of non-patients and those under the age of 14 do not have visitation rights.

Please note: From mid-November to mid-April (flu season), Summa Health System hospitals reserves the right to limit visiting hours in order to minimize exposure to the virus. 

Please restrict visitation to protect your loved ones and our patients from influenza by cooperating with our visitation policy during flu season:

1. Limit visits to healthy members of the patient’s immediate family, who are 14 years and older, because flu symptoms in younger people may not show.

2. Do not visit patients if you are ill or are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
• Fever • Cough
• Chills • Sore throat
• Headache • Muscle aches