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Are those holiday cookies calling your name?

Date: 11.18.2011
Contact:  Jennifer Farquhar Phone: (330) 375-4930

Contact: Jennifer Farquhar, Phone: (330) 375-4930, Email:

AKRON, Ohio, Nov. 18, 2011 – ‘Tis the season for sweet treats, family feasts and emotional triggers to overeat, which will unfortunately leave many Americans a few pounds heavier when they begin the new year. But despite the challenges of holiday eating, there are strategies to keep your diet on-track – or at least keep the scale in place – when those cravings kick in.

During the holidays and other special occasions, we tend to have many special foods available that we don’t have the rest of the year,” said Laura Ilg a registered dietician with Summa’s Bariatric Care Center. “Many of us tend to eat much more than our body needs during these times, taking in far more calories than necessary resulting in weight gain. There are also many emotional triggers that can cause someone to overeat, especially during this potentially stressful season. Many people find comfort in certain foods."

According to Ilg, paying close attention to your personal food triggers is a key to stopping the dangerous pattern of overeating. Monitoring portion sizes and being aware of calories consumed while snacking or baking is also key.

During the holidays, especially, there are no food labels starring us in the face letting us know the calories, fat, or sugar content of our favorite foods,” she said. “This makes it very easy for someone to overdo it at family and social gatherings.”

Snacks and treats laid out at home and in the break room at work are another pitfall, Ilg says, because it’s easy to munch on them throughout the day without even noticing.

Summa’s Bariatric Care Center has several tips for maintaining or losing weight this season:

  • Keep a food diary, either on paper or electronically, to monitor calorie intake each day
  • Use a smaller plate to help create an illusion of more food
  • Be aware of the liquid calories in alcohol and other holiday drinks
  • Always make a place for fruit and vegetables on your plate during holiday dinners
  • Remember to eat a healthy breakfast so you’re not ravenous by Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner
  • See if your family members would be willing to take a brisk walk a few hours after the meal

“It is possible to lose weight this time of year; however, this can be very overwhelming,” Ilg said. “I suggest just trying to maintain your weight during the holidays. If we can keep the scale in place, we are doing great!”

Ilg recommends talking with a doctor or dietician regarding what an individual’s ideal calorie intake should be. A healthy calorie intake for an adult woman can range between 1200 and 1800 calories per day and 1400 to 2200 for a man.

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