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Semitrailers, Tire Blowouts, and Blind Spots, Oh My!

Date: 03.29.2012
Contact: Jennifer Farquhar Phone: (330) 375-4930

AKRON, March 29, 2012 – Do you rush past semitrailers? Avoid driving next to them? Do you wonder when the truck driver can see you in his or her mirrors? You are not alone.

Many motorists see a danger in driving around or next to a large truck or semitrailer. The danger can range from wondering where the driver’s blind spots are to being fearful of an accident.

Summa Health System’s Rebecca Wise, Summit County Safe Communities Grant Coordinator and Safe Teens Coalition Leader – Ohio Chapter, points to several tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on how to be a more cautious driver around big trucks.

  • Semitrailers have large blind spots everywhere: in front, behind, and at both sides. Make sure to pass on the left, and avoid staying next to them for long so you don’t get caught in a blind spot.
  • Be aware that large trucks take longer to slow down or come to a stop, so give them a large amount of room.
  • Semitrailers make very wide turns, so be careful, and give the truck enough space.
  • Remember to pass semitrailers with caution, and don’t cross in front of them until you can see their headlights in your mirror.
  • It is very common for semitrailers to get blown-out tires, so be careful, and watch out for debris.
  • Always remember to buckle up. It’s your best defense in an accident. 

Visit the NHTSA website for more tips and information on safe driving with semitrailers.

According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, there have been four traffic-related fatalities in Summit County as of the end of February. At the end of February 2011, there were no traffic-related fatalities in the county.

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