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Summa Akron City Hospital recognized as one of the safest childbirth environments in the state

Date: 03.13.2012
Contact: Julie Uehara Sur Phone: (330) 375-7117

COLUMBUS, OH –The Ohio Patient Safety Institute (OPSI) today announced Summa Akron City Hospital and Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus as the recipients of the fourth annual OPSI Best Practice Award, which honors a health care organization for implementing the most innovative, evidence-based patient safety practice in the state. The announcement coincides with Patient Safety Awareness Week, a national education and awareness-building campaign for improving patient safety at the local level.

Thirty-nine hospitals submitted best practice applications, and this is the first year two hospitals will receive this honor.

Summa Akron City Hospital – Improving Safety of Inductions/Augmentations of Labor
The staff at Summa Akron City Hospital implemented a program to improve the safety of induction and augmentation of labor, which account for over half of all births at most institutions.

Inappropriate induced or augmented labor can lead to improper use of oxytocin, a medication used to induce labor and named a high- alert medication by the Institute for Safe Medicine Practices. It can also lead to non-reassuring fetal heart rate patterns, failure to perform cesarean section in a timely fashion and inadequate resuscitation of an infant, as well as increased health care costs.

Staff at Summa Akron City Hospital developed a quality bundle, which is a metric of safe and effective care, comprised of evidence-based practices. When bundled together, these practices significantly improve outcomes of procedures with inherent risk. To implement this bundle, staff:

  • Developed a Perinatal Safety Team
  • Developed an Induction Scheduling and Consent Form
  • Implemented process changes to block inappropriate deliveries less than 39 weeks at the point of scheduling
  • Developed an Oxytocin Administration Algorithm to emphasize policy concerning appropriate use this labor augmentation medication

After six months, inductions in full compliance with bundle criteria reached greater than 95 percent per month. The hospital has also maintained zero incidences of birth trauma and injury to infants.  

"Summa Akron City Hospital is honored to have received the OPSI Best Practice Award from the Ohio Hospital Association," said Tiffany Kenny, RN, MSN, C-EFM, Informatics Administrator, Women's Health Service Line, Summa Health System. "We are proud to say that through teamwork and best practices in nursing and medicine, Summa Akron City Hospital provides one of the safest childbirth environments in the state.”

Learn more about Summa Akron City Hospital’s best practice on the OPSI Web site.

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