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A Story to Cheer About

Date: 10.02.2013
Contact: Jim Gosky Phone: (234) 312-5052

AKRON, Ohio, Oct. 2, 2013 – When 15-year-old Navarre, Ohio, resident and Fairless High School sophomore Makenna Remenaric first felt the pain, she knew it was something more than the sore muscles that come from practicing cheerleading routines. She knew the terrible discomfort wasn’t related to her newfound pursuit of becoming a pole vaulter on her school’s track and field team. She knew something was wrong, seriously wrong.

When Makenna informed her parents, Toni and Greg, that the pain in her hip was nearly unbearable, a series of frustrating and, ultimately, non-problem-solving physician office visits, X-rays, physical therapy sessions and steroid prescriptions soon ensued. “Nothing was helping,” recalled Toni of the ordeal her daughter went through in the summer and fall of 2012. “We just felt so helpless that we couldn’t help take away her pain.”

Enter Dr. Jovan Laskovski of the Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center, a partnership with Summa Health System.

Makenna had been referred to Dr. Laskovski’s Green, Ohio, office by another Stark County area surgeon who knew of Dr. Laskovski’s expertise in sports medicine and arthroscopic hip surgery. Dr. Laskovski is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine with a focus on arthroscopic surgery of the hip, shoulder and knee. Greg called Dr. Laskovski’s office on December 10 and the next day he and his daughter were in Dr. Laskovski’s office being evaluated.

“Makenna had withdrawn from all athletics and was terribly worried that she would never be able to compete again,” said Dr. Laskovski. “Under closer scrutiny, her MRI revealed that she had suffered an undersurface tear of her tendon. She had partially torn a muscle in her hip known as the gluteus medius.”

The rarity of this type of injury, coupled with the fact that this area of the hip is difficult to access arthroscopically, presented a challenge to Dr. Laskovski and his team. It was also unclear as to what specifically caused the injury, though it was suspected to have happened when Makenna landed hard after jumping during cheerleading practice.

“This type of surgery for this injury has only been performed a few times in this country,” said Dr. Laskovski. We knew we had a challenging case in Makenna, but we also knew without question that we could help her.”

The 2.5-hour surgery, which was completed through three tiny (4-5 mm) incisions, was performed on an especially appropriate day, December 31, 2012, at Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center at Summa St. Thomas Hospital in Akron, Ohio. Makenna was back home in Navarre the same day. Talk about a happy new year for the Remenaric family.

“I saw Makenna for her last follow-up in June,” recalled Dr. Laskovski. “She is doing great and has returned to all sports with no restrictions. She has no symptoms of any injury and was able to return to the same level of competition.”

“The pain was immediately gone,” said Makenna about her first post-op thoughts. She then underwent about six months of physical therapy, which helped bring her completely back to where she was before the injury. Now, with classes just starting at Fairless High School, Makenna exclaimed, “I am so excited to get back to cheerleading this year!” Running, tumbling, vaulting are once again no problem for her and her doctor has put no restrictions on her physical activity, which is plentiful.

Mom Toni echoed her daughter’s sentiments about Dr. Laskovski and the Crystal Clinic team.

“He was a godsend,” exclaimed Toni. “Makenna was devastated by what happened and we just wanted her to be fixed. We could not have had a better experience than we did at the Crystal Clinic. We all just think the world of Dr. Laskovski.”

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