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General Inquiries

Innovation at Summa

The Office of Technology Management uses a comprehensive approach to translate innovative ideas into technologies that improve patient care and the overall health of our community. We assist inventors with moving their novel therapies and technologies through patenting process to commercialization. This allows the inventors the ability to focus on research and clinical activities. Our comprehensive approach includes:

  • Education related to technology development processes and Summa Health's intellectual property policy
  • Patenting and Licensing Strategy Development
  • Intellectual Property Review
  • Business viability testing to assess product feasibility, market and intellectual property landscape 
  • Access to clinical trials, translational research, animal facilities and expert staff for further development 
  • Technology licensing/commercialization capabilities 

We work closely with outside intellectual property law firms to evaluate the patentability of invention disclosures and draft and file patent applications in the United States and, if appropriate, international patent application. 

If you would like to learn what technologies we currently have available for licensing email or call 330-375-4045.