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Grants and Contracts

   The Office of Sponsored Research Programs (OSRP) is a centralized research office, created to assist investigators conducting sponsored research throughout the Summa Health System. In order to ensure all research activities are compliant with federal and state regulations and hospital policies, OSRP is responsible for overseeing that all research activities are properly monitored and expenses are accurately documented. The office oversees legal and accounting reviews of all projects, facilitates budget formation and contract review and development for all federal and private grant support, as well as industry-sponsored clinical studies. OSRP provides support to the research faculty and staff throughout the entire research project, including submission of applications for funding (preaward) and after the project is funded (postaward). Please contact OSRP when you begin to consider seeking external funding for your research. Our office can help you navigate through the process.


Grant applicants seeking research funding from federal granting agencies (e.g., NIH, CDMRP, NSF), industry sponsors (e.g., pharmaceutical and medical device companies) and health specific agencies (e.g., American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, etc.) must submit grant applications through OSRP. An investigator must contact OSRP prior to submitting any application for external funding or entering into a contract in which any of the following items are true:

  1. The funds will be received and monitored through Summa Health System; and/or
  2. Any portion of the work will be performed at Summa Health System; and/or
  3. Any Summa Health System personnel or students will be involved in the project.

Collaboration with OSRP will minimize submission errors and maximize potential for funding.


When the Principal Investigator (PI) receives notice of a grant award they should immediately notify OSRP, so that OSRP can assist them in maintaining financial compliance through the life of the award. OSRP will work with the PI and his/her staff to monitor the financial aspects of the award, including initial project set-up to the final project close-out. OSRP’s primary responsibility is to ensure the management of the award is in compliance with federal, state and hospital regulations and policies, and those of cooperating institutions.

Most Importantly: TIME and EFFORT reporting

Federal regulations and Summa Health System require all personnel who work on sponsored projects to verify that the time they have reported and charged to these sponsored projects is accurate. This time will be reported as a percentage of the personnel’s overall effort, which encompasses all of the activities assigned to the position. This effort can NOT exceed 100%. 

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