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CITI Training

Summa’s CITI Program 

The CITI program for the Protection of Human Subjects is mandatory for all Summa Health System Researchers listed on a Research Application. Those listed on a Research Application that are employed by another institution or attend a university/college must provide documentation of their institution’s educational training requirement. The CITI program certifies an individual for two years. Individuals will have to complete a Refresher Course at the two year mark.

There are a number of required modules for each group. Each module, after completion of the readings, usually has a short quiz. Overall you must make (as an average) an 85 to pass. If you do poorly on one of the modules, you can re-read the module and attempt the quiz over again. The highest score you receive is recorded in your record.

There are three groups available. The group selected determines the modules you will take. The groups are Biomedical Research, Social and Behavioral Research, and IRB Members.

You should pick the group most appropriate for you. If you work primarily with drug and device studies, you should do the Biomedical Research group. If you do mostly social and behavioral research, you should do the Social and Behavioral Research group. The IRB Member group is comprehensive, consisting of the other two groups together.

CITI does not have to be completed in one sitting. You can start and do several modules, then quit and come back the next day. CITI knows where you left off and will highlight the next appropriate module for you.

Instructions for the CITI Program


  1. Open your internet browser and go to:
  2. The first step is to select your institution/organization. To do this, select the drop down menu next to Participating Institutions and select Summa Health System.
  3. The second is to create your username and password.
  4. The third is to enter your full name (this will appear on the completion report so ensure it is correct).
  5. The fourth step is to provide at least one email address they can have for you. This email address will be used to send passwords to if they are forgotten and to notify you when you are close to expiring.
  6. Once you have entered all of the above information you will hit the Submit button.
  7. CITI will ask you to select a group. Pick the group that is the most appropriate for your role in research.
  8. When finished with all the modules, you will have the opportunity to print the completion report. You can print this report and keep it for your records. The Office of Research Administration has access to all individuals who completed CITI that were affiliated with Summa Health System; therefore it is not necessary to send your certificate to the office.