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Summa's researchers have been supported in part by the Summa Foundation for almost three decades. The first grants to Summa researchers were made in 1982 from the “Akron City Hospital Foundation” to support targeted research projects. The diverse research interests of our physicians and scientists have expanded over the years and include areas such as, but not limited to, designing new artificial blood vessels, developing new orthopaedic devices, and improving urinary catheters as well as patient-centered outcomes research. Funding from the Summa Foundation represents a true investment on the part of the Summa Health System to support the advancement of knowledge, expand medical education and improve patient care through research. This support has provided seed funding and enabled our researchers to effectively compete for extramural funding and to further enhance research productivity. Information regarding individual research program areas within Summa Health System will populate this page in the near future. Please check back soon for more information.