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The CCPR maintains long standing academic associations with Kent State University Department’s of Psychology & Exercise Physiology and University of Akron Departments of Sports Science & Wellness Education, Curricular & Instructional Design and College of Nursing and more recent associations with CWR Francis Bolton College of Nursing and Youngstown State Universities’ Department of Human Performance and Exercise Science researchers.

The following is a list of graduate degrees achieved by student research activities while working in the CCPR lab.

Jocob D. Banayan, M.S.
The University of Akron 1995
Traditional vs. Accelerated Cardiac Rehabilitation
Programs and Their Relative Physiological Benefits

Bradley K. Potts, Ph.D.
The University of Akron 1996
The Relationship of Learned Optimism and
Dispositional Optimism to Cardiac Rehabilitation Outcomes

Lisa Schweitzer Courtice, Ph.D.
The University of Akron 1997
A Study of the Relationship between Psychological Factors
and Attrition, Compliance, and Gains in Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation

John Laux, Ph.D.
The University of Akron 2001
Measuring the Relationship between Physical Capacity and Quality of Life
Changes with a Cardiac Rehabilitation Population: An Empirical Investigation

Russell Brown, Ph.D.
The University of Akron 2003
An Application of the Systematic Treatment Model, for the Purpose of Improving
Cardiac Rehabilitation Care: Typologies and the Relationship of Typologies to Quality of Life

Christine Brewer, Ph.D.
The University of Akron 2003
A Study of the Relationship between Social Support, Family Coping, Age, Marital Statue, and Sex, to Individual Quality of Life and Family Adaptation in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Setting

Rajini Poth, Ph.D.
The University of Akron 2003
An Investigation of the Relationship between Family Support and Quality
of Life in Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients: A Test of the Circumplex Model

Alise Bartley, Ph.D.
The University of Akron 2005
The Relationship of Social Support, Depression, and Quality
of Life to Medical Adherence: A Family Systems Approach

Faith Luyster, M.A
Kent State University 2005
Psychosocial Predictors of Depression and Anxiety in
Patients Treated with an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

Nate Deichert, Ph.D.
Kent State University 2006
Depression as a Mediator of the Social Support-Physical Symptom Relationship in a
Sample of Congestive Heart Failure Patients with Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators

Elizabeth Casey, M.A.
Kent State University 2007
Depression as a Predictor of Completion, Attendance,
and Short-Term Outcomes in Cardiac Rehabilitation

Faith Luyster, Ph.D
Kent State University 2007
The Relationship between Psychological Distress, Cognitive Impairment,
Adherence to Treatment Recommendations, and Adverse Health Outcomes
in Congestive Heart Failure Patients Treated With an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

Ahlam Salameh, M.S.
University of Akron 2009
Protocols Comparison of Peak Exercise Times in Cardiac Patients

Vicki Doe, Ph.D.
Kent State University 2009
Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation in Depressed vs. Nondepressed
Individuals on Fitness, Depression, and Perceived Exertion

Angela Roberts Miller, M.P.H.
Kent State University 2010
Measuring Stages of Change in Cardiac Rehabilitation through the Development of a Targeted