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Grants and Contracts

    Full List of Awarded Grants for the Center for Cardiovascular Research
  • Joel Hughes PhD. Co-Investigator (PI Anthony Sterns) Smartphone Delivered Comprehensive Heart Failure Self-management System NIH: NIA $307,079 3/15/2012—02/28/2013
  • Joel Hughes PhD. Principal Investigator Depression, Inflammation, and Vagal Function amount Patients in Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation Ohio Board of Regents Research Challenge Award: $46,997 6/15/2009—6/14/2011
  • Mary Dolansky PhD, Joel Hughes PhD, Joe Redle MD. Cognitive Impairment and Self-management in Adults with Heart Failure: $2.8 million over 4 years 2010 -2014
  • Joel Hughes, PhD. Ignite Study $50, 000 Ohio Board of Regents funded 2009
  • Matthew Krauza, MD, Joel Hughes, PhD John Gunstad, PhD Thomas Alexander, MD Jim Rosneck RN, MS Donna Waechter, PhD Rachael J. Pohle-Krauza, PhD, RD., LD. Michele L. McCarroll, PhD. Cognition, Heath and Inflammation in Pulmonary Rehabilitation (CHIPR) Funded Project Grant $43,951 2009
  • Matthew Krauza, MD, Jim Rosneck, RN, MS, Michele McCarroll, PhD., Rachael Pohle-Krauza, PhD., RD, LD. The Effect of Portable Oxygen Delivery System (POD’s) on Energy Expenditure and Oxygen Consumption in Patients enrolled in Pulmonary Rehabilitation Foundation Project Grant. $32,022 September 2008
  • John Gunstad PhD. Purpose: To investigate whether participation in cardiac rehabilitation improves neurocognitive outcomes in older adults with heart failure. National Institute of Health grant $2.6 million 2008
  • John Gunstad PhD. Joel Hughes PhD, Jim Rosneck BSN, MS. Cognitive Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation in Heart Failure: NIH funded $2.7 million over 4 years. 2008
  • Rosneck, James, BSN, MS. Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Twenty Year Perspective of Patient Demographics and Temporal Trends. Summa Foundation funded $8,500 2008
  • Jim Rosneck, RN, MS, Donna Waechter, PhD, Ahlam Salameh, BS, Joe Redle, MD. Cardiac Rehabilitation Ramped Tread Mill Graded Exercise Protocol, Foundation Project Grant $5001 2008.
  • Carrie Scotto RN, PhD, Jim Rosneck, RN, MS. Effects of Action Control Based Intervention on Adherence to Prescribed Diet and Exercise after Completing Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Akron University New Faculty Start-up Grant $5000. 2007
  • Joel Hughes PhD. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for High Blood Pressure National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine $545,000 over 2 years 2006-2007
  • John Gunstad PhD. Smart Heart Study: Cognitive Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation Ohio Board of Regents $60,000 2006. James Rosneck, RN, MS. Summa Foundation for Healthy Communities, Tobacco Settlement Fund Grant Award: $12,500 (2006)
  • Carrie Scotto RN, PhD, C. McClusky PhD. The effect of earplugs on subjective response to sleep for patients in the intensive care unit Funded by the Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital Patient Care Research Committee: $1000 (2006)
  • James Rosneck RN, MS. Summa Foundation for Healthy Communities, Tobacco Settlement Fund Grant Award: $12,500 (2005)
  • Joel Hughes PhD. Depression, Inflammation and Vagal Function among Patients in Phase-II Cardiac Rehabilitation Ohio Board of Regents: $48,000 2 years
  • Joel Hughes PhD, John Johnson PhD. Ohio Board of Regents Development of interdisciplinary, Translational Research Model: $50,000 1 year Co-Investigators:
  • James Rosneck RN, MS. Summa Foundation for Healthy Communities, Tobacco Settlement Fund Grant Award: $15,000 (2002)