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Phone: (330) 375-3314, Secretary Valecia Pickett
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The Health Services Research and Education Institute (HSREI) was established at Summa in 1999. HSREI’s purpose is to provide the infrastructure and technical resources to:

  1. Promote collaborative research among physicians, residents, nurses, medical students, university and college faculty, and community organizations across the continuum of care; and
  2. Develop and test interventions that promote clinical applications of evidence-based health care guidelines for chronic disease management.

HSREI is designed to be a centralized resource for investigators throughout Summa to provide technical support for study design, resources for data collection, and experienced personnel to assist with data analysis and dissemination. In addition to assisting investigators throughout SHS, each member of the HSREI research team is involved in focused research projects in an effort to position the team for publication and acquisition of extramural funding.

Areas of Interest:

  • Chronic disease management
  • Senior services: post-discharge care management of low-income frail elderly, delirium, medication reconciliation, caregiver stress, care transitions, elder abuse, post stroke care management
  • Palliative care: access to palliative care for inpatients, nursing home and home care patients, advanced care planning, advance care planning with community dwelling chronically ill low income older adults, clinical ethics consultation
  • Health Information Technology