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Representative Publications:

J.K. Cremeans-Smith, S. Soehlen, K. Greene, T. Alexander, and D. Delehanty. "In-Hospital Levels of C-reactive Protein and IL-6 Predict Post-Operative Depressive Symptoms Among Patients Undergoing Total Knees Replacement Surgery." Brain, Behavior and Immunity (2009).

S.A. Valente, W.F. Fallon, T.S. Alexander, E.R. Tomas, M.M. Evancho-Chapman, S.P. Schmidt, R. Gorski, O. Pizov, L. DeFine, and A.J. Clark. "Immunologic Function in the Elderly After Injury – The Neutrophil and Innate Immunity." Journal of Trauma (2009).

T. Alexander. "Immunodeficiency Disease." Clinical Immunology and Serology, a Laboratory Perspective. Ed. C. Stevens. 2009.

A. Benitez, J. Gunstad, J. Hughes, E. Glickman, T. Alexander, M. Spitznagel, J. Juvancic-Heltzel, and L. Murray. "Troponin and S100B are Associated with Depression in Healthy Older Adults." Aging and Mental Health (2008).

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