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Musculoskeletal News, Awards and Presentations


New Clinical Drug Trial, following approvals by the Summa IRB-2 and the FDA, for an approved Investigational New Drug status (IND #108,383). Enrollment for a double-blinded, 13-week Phase-IIb clinical trial using Apatone®B commenced in October 2010 for symptomatic total joint patients.

What is Apatone®B? Owned by Summa Health System and licensed to IC-Medtech (San Diego, CA), Apatone-B is a combination of Vitamins C and K3 that work together to target inflammation as a means of fighting disease and regulating abnormal cell activity. Any cell that produces the proteins associated with inflammation is targeted by the drug, while healthy tissue is spared. The basis for this is that Apatone-B resembles the primary source of energy for cellular activity. By exploiting the increased uptake of the energy source by inflamed cells, Apatone-B can selectively enter and treat only inflamed cells. Once retained by the cell, Apatone-B uses a double-barrel attack: First as an anti-oxidant to reduce free radical production and secondly as an anti-inflammatory agent by reducing a prominent inflammatory factors linked to the break-down of bone.


Michael Askew, Ph.D., was honored at the 63rd Annual Akron Council of Engineering and Scientific Societies (ACESS) on November 4th as the Distinguished Award Council recipient. This is a lifetime achievement award recognizing significant impact on the ACESS, local science and engineering communities.


Michael Askew

"Studies of Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: The Work of Arne Melby, III, M.D." 1st Annual Summa Health System Research Forum. Akron, OH: September 2009.

"Effect of Antibiotic Addition Process on the Fracture Toughness of Antibiotic-Impregnated PMMA Bone Cement." 1st Annual Summa Health System Research Forum. Akron, OH: September 2009.

Mark Kovacik

“Spectroscopy in Orthopaedics: Role of Surface Chemistry with Cellular Viability.” 55th Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy, American Chemical Society and American Vacuum Society. John Carroll University, University Heights, OH: June 2011.

“A New Joint Replacement Therapy: Reductions in the Cytotoxic Effects Caused by Micro-Metallic Debris.” Annual Meeting of the Ohio Orthopaedic Society. Columbus, OH: May 2011.

"Tissue Reactions to Prosthetic Metal Wear Debris: Stuides of Osteolysis, Pseudotumor and ALVAL." Annual Meeting of American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. San Diego, CA: February 2011.

"Diminished Suture Strength Following da Vinci Robotic Manipulation." 1st Annual Summa Health System Research Forum. Akron, OH: September 2009.

"A Novel Drug Treatment Enhances Cell Proliferation While Reducing the Inflammatory Response Following Cobalt-Chromium Exposure." 1st Annual Summa Health System Research Forum. Akron, OH: September 2009.

"Apatone Treatment Enhances Cell Proliferation and Reduces Inflammation Following Cobalt-Chromium Exposure." Annual Meeting for the Society for Biomaterials. San Antonio, TX: April 2009.

"Apatone Treatment Reduces NFkB Levels of Synovial Fibroblasts Following Metal Particulate Exposure." 55th Annual Meeting for the Orthopaedic Research Society. Las Vegas, NV: February 2009.  

Richard Mostardi

"Orthopaedic Metallic Biomaterials: The Role of Surface Elemental Composition." 1st Annual Summa Health System Research Forum. Akron, OH: September, 2009.

"Necrotic Effect of Cobalt Content of Prosthetic Alloys on Retrieved Human Fibroblasts." Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Society for Biomaterials. Chicago, IL: April 2007.

LeAnn Speering

"Research, Orthopaedics, and Other Cool Science Stuff." Green Local Schools. Green, OH: December 2010.

"Clinical Research: A Career in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics." National Inventor Hall of Fame School, Center for STEM Learning.® Akron, OH: October 2010.

"Creating and Using Source Document Templates." Society of Clinical Research Associates' 19th Annual Conference. Dallas, TX: September 2010.