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Musculoskeletal Publications

D.J. Ricchiuti, J.S. Cerone, S.D. Shie, A.V. Jetley, D.A. Noe, and M.W. Kovacik. "Diminished Suture Strength Following Robotic Needle Driver Manipulation." Journal of Endourology 24.9 (2010): 1509-1513. 

R.A. Mostardi, M.W. Kovacik, R.D. Ramsier, E.T. Bender, J.M. Finefrock, T.F. Bear, and M.J. Askew. "A Comparison of the Effects of Prosthetic and Commercially Pure Metals on Retrieved Human Fibroblasts: The Role of Surface Elemental Composition." Acta Biomaterialia 6.2 (2010): 702-707.

B.R. Radev, J.A. Kase, M.J. Askew, and S.D. Weiner. "Potential for Thermal Damage to Articular Cartilage by PMMA Reconstruction of a Bone Cavity Following Tumor Excision: A Finite Element Study." Journal of Biomechanics 42.8 (2009): 1120-1126.

M.W. Kovacik, R.A. Mostardi, E.T. Bender, D.R. Neal, R. Ramsier, T.T. Bear, and M.J. Askew. "Differences in the Surface Composition of Seemingly Similar F75 Cobalt-Chromium Micron-Sized Particulates Can Affect Synovial Fibroblast Viability." Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 65.2 (2008): 269-275.

B. Fenton, M. Cheung, M. Chapman, M. Kovacik, D. Noe, N. Ree, and J. Fanning. "Method for the Consistent Creation and Quantitative Testing of Postoperative Pelvic Adhesions in Porcine Model." Journal of Investigative Surgery 22.1 (2009): 56-62.

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