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Hoyt Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory Staff

Stephen D. Fening, Ph.D.
Director, Research and Innovation,
Hoyt Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Phone: 330-379-5580

Richard A. Mostardi, PhD
Research Associate
Phone: 330-379-5684

Dr. Mostardi is involved in biology projects related to joint replacement and physiological projects related to human performance in health and disease. Dr. Mostardi is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at The University of Akron. Dr. Mostardi received his Doctorate in Physiology from Ohio State University in 1969. Dr. Mostardi is a member of the Cleveland Browns Alumni Association.

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Tour of the Department/Lab:

Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory 1
Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory 2
Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory 3
Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory 4

The Physical Testing and Evaluation Laboratory is where all human testing is performed. This facility is capable of determining the isometric/isokinetic strength, range of motion, and electromyographical (EMG) information of every joint in the body except the neck. The facility has been used to acquire information on patients following total knee replacement surgery as well as evaluating new exercise equipment. This facility has also been used to acquire extensive back lifting information as well as pre-employment screenings for Police and Fire agencies

The Anatomy and Biological Testing Laboratory was basically designed as both a mock OR room and a biological specimen storage facility. This facility is equipped with a negative ventilation system (includes a mixing hood) as well as wall outlets that allow the occupants to use pneumatic power tools. This facility is equipped with generous counter space, portable tables, and floor drains. Additionally, the facility has a "no-hands" washing station and a speaker phone to reduce contamination. This facility also has a tabletop band saw and drill press that can be utilized in jig preparation and biological experiments. This facility has one refrigerator, three chest freezers, one up-right freezer, and one sub-zero (-80 C) freezer for cadveric and biological specimen storage. Orthopaedic residents are encouraged to utilize this facility for both research needs as well as personal experience.

The Material Testing Laboratory
has the capabilities to test either biological or non-biological specimens. This facility houses an MTS hydraulic machine automated for data acquisition during the course of any experiment. The hydraulic pump motor has been mounted in a sound proof room to reduce noise levels during testing. Customized software has also been developed for this equipment to meet the individual needs of the investigator.

The Biomechanics Laboratory is used for the designing and building of proto-type equipment to be used during experimental procedures. This facility also has a wall mounted outlet for accessibility of pneumatic power tools. This facility has the capabilities to utilize video imaging to monitor experiments as well as an extensive computer base available to the investigator. Adjacent is an electronics workshop used for building proto-type interface devices to be used during experiments.

The Library and Conference Room was designed as an in-house orthopaedic library, conference room, and audio visual facility to expedite the research efforts of staff members, attending physicians, orthopaedic residents, and medical students. This facility contains a vast array of orthopaedic, biomedical and biomechanical related journals, a 20" television with VCR, projection capabilities, a 3-bank X-ray view box, and a conference table.