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Best Fed Beginnings – National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ). Best Fed Beginnings is a first-of-its-kind, nationwide quality improvement initiative to help hospitals improve maternity care and increase the number of “Baby-Friendly”-designated hospitals in the United States. Participants include 89 teams from around the United States. This project is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and run in close partnership with Baby-Friendly USA.


Relaxbirth, invented by a Finnish midwife and designed by a Relaxbirth Ltd. team, has garnered numerous international awards for its innovation and is much more than a birthing chair. The design helps women change positions – standing, sitting, squatting and side-lying – during labor, with each position designed to maximize the woman’s comfort. Relaxbirth can be used during the first stage of labor (before pushing) and/or the second stage of labor (pushing).


Fetal Intrapartum Heart Rate [FHR]/ECG study. This observational study is aimed to improve the future care and safety of mother and baby.  The study’s goal is to develop an innovative system for analyzing Fetal Heart Tones using MindChild/MERIDIAN technology in women who are in labor.  This technology acquires and displays the FHR tracing from surface electrodes that detect the fetal ECG signal proving information for improved care algor. 



A Survey of Post-Partum Mothers using the birthing mirror.


The Strong Start Ohio project purpose is to design, implement, and evaluate two maternity care intervention models, Centering Group Care (CGC) and Maternity Care Homes (MCH), to determine the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of each model in addressing high risk pregnancies for Medicaid women with complex behavioral and physical health needs. This effort will align with existing state maternal and infant health initiatives and leverage current resources to reach high-risk Medicaid and Medicaid eligible pregnant women in Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, and Appalachian counties in Ohio.


The Summa Maternal-fetal Opiate Medical Supports (Summa - MOMS) project is designed to reduce the high rate of infant mortality in Northeast Ohio and improve health outcomes for opiate-addicted pregnant women and their babies by providing comprehensive, enhanced healthcare services.  The MOMS program uses CenteringPregnancy®, an evidence-based group model of care integrating assessment, education and support, and tailors the curriculum and guidance to the specific needs of the vulnerable women it serves.  Summa seeks to eliminate common barriers in order to empower these women and their babies to achieve and maintain good health.