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Hospital Research & Clinical Trials

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  • Summa Center for Clinical Trials

    The Summa Center for Clinical Trials (SCCT) operates on the principal that high quality, innovative clinical research improves clinical care and community health. The SCCT is committed to promoting research excellence and facilitating study implementation, to ensure successful and efficient completion of clinical trials throughout Summa Health System. By providing a wide range of clinical and administrative support services, investigators are able to expand their research activities, which will help advance scientific knowledge, the prevention of disease and improve healthcare for all patients. This unit helps Summa Health System translate promising pre-clinical discoveries of researchers from bench to clinical care and increase our ability to significantly improve community health and advance health care.

    About the Center

    The SCCT is located on the Akron City Hospital campus of Summa Health System in the Professional Center North building (75 Arch Street), Suite 105. The 3800 ft2 outpatient unit supports both investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored clinical trials throughout Summa Health System. The center includes 4 fully-equipped exam rooms for conducting clinical assessments, office space for administrative and clinical staff and a central laboratory. The unit is fulled staffed and equiped with all standard medical equipment and medical supplies, and has a central research laboratory that provides specimen collection, processing and shipping to central laboratories as needed.  

    For additional information regarding the SCCT, or to arrange a tour, call (330) 375-4045.


    The SCCT provides the following services:

    • Marketing of services to potential study sponsors and referrals to our physician investigators
    • Clinical trial placement with physician investigators
    • Marketing of trial opportunities to potential subjects
    • Trained medical personnel with clinical trial experience are available to staff the SCCT. Additional staffing and supplies are available to meet the needs of individual studies.
    • Coordinator study support
    • Patient screening, enrollment, randomization
    • Coordination of all study procedures (i.e., study visits, study drug administration, study-related interventions per study protocol)
    • Availability for all sponsor monitoring visits and audits
    • Data management
    • Completion of case report forms, query resolution
    • Reporting adverse events and other regulatory requirements to the IRB
    • Database entry
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