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NIH Funded Comparative Effectiveness Study of Diabetes Management at Summa Nears Completion


E. Demond Scott, M.D., MPH, Executive Director for Health Equity, Summa Health System, is the Principal Investigator of a National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases funded study to compare the effectiveness of a nurse-led, interdisciplinary care management intervention versus a peer-led, self-management intervention for improving the health profile of uninsured diabetic patients. This study, which ends July 2014, has been conducted with diabetic patients receiving their primary medical care from the OPEN M community-based free clinic in Akron. Dr. Scott, along with co-investigators Sue Hazelett, RN, MS, James Salem, M.D., Kyle Allen, D.O. and Sue Fosnight, RPh, received this funding to conduct a prospective, randomized pilot study comparing two methods of working with diabetic patients to determine which provides the best, and most cost-effective, evidence-based care. 

Major components of the nurse-led care management model include: 1) patient-centered assessment and goal setting to maximize self-management skills; 2) education to improve self efficacy and promote productive clinical encounters; 3) access to specialist care through an interdisciplinary team; 4) delivery of customized evidence-based treatment recommendations in response to patients' goals; and 5) care coordination by a nurse care manager. The peer-led self-management group attended weekly peer-led self-management training following the Stanford Train the Trainer Model, a strictly proscribed program ensuring uniform application. The primary outcome measure is change in hemoglobin A1C levels in the two groups of patients. 

A summary of the grant, 5R03DK090351-03, Comparative Effectiveness of Two Community Based Diabetes Management Approaches can be viewed: HERE