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General Inquiries

Injury Care

The Summa Center for Corporate Health is Northeast Ohio’s leading occupational healthcare provider as well as an Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation certified provider. Our physicians have the training and expertise required to practice occupational medicine, while endorsing an early return-to-work philosophy. Our medical and clinical staff understands the importance of keeping your injured worker active and productive.

The Summa Center for Corporate Health has dedicated staff familiar with the many nuances of the workers’ compensation system. At every visit, our staff will complete the necessary paperwork and forward it on to your company, your MCO or your TPA, depending on your insured status. You design the steps we take to ensure all necessary parties receive the pertinent information.

Related services include:

  • Initial injury care and follow-up care
  • Specialist referral and management
  • Physical therapy and work rehabilitation
  • Functional capacity evaluations (FCE)
  • Workplace ergonomic audits and tours of worksite

For more information, contact (330) 940-5770 or visit one of our four convenient Summa Center for Corporate Health locations.